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12 Denari Street Everton Park Brisbane

The Little Organic Co. was born from a desire to source organic products for my family in a more economical and efficient way. With so many family and friends choosing this lifestyle, the idea was conceived that as a community we could use our collective buying power to purchase organic products and pass on the savings to you. The idea is to make organic food and products more affordable so that everyone benefits, and that it becomes accessible to more people.


Australian importer and on-line retailer of premium Chinese tea including organic green, white, Oolong/Wulong, black, Pu-erh and jasmine teas with related nutritional and preparation information.

14 Concorde Dr, Keilor Park VIC 3042, Australia
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Probiotic Dairy & Eggs
  • Breads & Dips
  • Fresh Baby Meals
  • Poultry & Meat
  • Body Care
  • Dental Care
  • Hair Care & Styling Products
  • Make Up
  • Baby & Mum Care
Shop 7 / 525 Little Collins St, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia

Green Press is an organic and vegan food store in Melbourne, established in 2013. The store mostly specializes in food products that are natural, vegan and gluten free, presented with a twist. Its founders, James, Miles and Lindsay gave up their New York lifestyle to be here at Green Press in Melbourne as they believe that healthy food need not be boring and one doesn’t need diary for protein nor sugar for sweetness. Lindsay, a fashion designer and a health fanatic dragged Miles and James out of their chef coats and made them realize the unhealthy food they consumed all along. Thus came the brilliant idea of making healthy food more tasty and interesting for everybody. In no time the trio realized Melbourne had no stores that had cold pressed juices and tasty salads made from vegetables. Thus Green Press became Melbourne’s first organic juice cleanse store. Be it Smoothies for post workout sessions or healthy acai bowls for breakfast, tasty salads for lunch and dinner or sweet and tasty cold pressed juice all day long, we here at Green Press are dedicated to offer healthy food that is mouthwatering and interesting. Apart from the above mentioned healthy food products, Green Press store also has elixir shots for detox cleanse, vegan and paleo desserts made from vegetables for sweet satisfaction, juice cleanses, Kombucha tea and many more vegan products. For more details on our healthy and vegan food store, visit http://greenpress.co/ and http://greenpress.co/collections.

Level 5, Nexus Norwest 4 Columbia Court Baulkham Hills NSW 2153, Australia

CocoEarth™ is nurtured from Healthier-Tastier Foods which established in the year 2008 and has been operating in Australia and New Zealand since then.We, at CocoEarth™, understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how vital is a Coconut in maintaining it. Therefore, we always endeavor to produce a new form out of coconut that not only preserves the taste of coconut but also provides the vitamin, minerals and other nutrients that one could get on consuming a coconut in its organic form.We have with us more than 15 such forms of coconut which have been extracted only from the organically grown coconut.They are Liquid Premium Coconut Oil, Organic extra virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Coconut Milk, Powder, Organic Coconut Spread, Organic Coconut Cream, Organic Coconut Syrup etc.

Lee Health and Well Being is an online store for quality health food products for fitness, health and wellbeing. We stock natural food, organic food, for healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. We have plenty of options for those on gluten free and paleo diets. We also have a large range of vitamins and supplements.

283 City Road, Southbank, Victoria, Australia

Health & Wellness Marketing Agency dedicated to providing quality online marketing programs to the health industry,

Sutton Terrace, Marleston, SA, 5033, Australia

We are an Australian online store that sells healthy organic foods. We thoroughly taste all of our products to ensure the best quality for our customers. We ship Australia wide for a flat fee.

3 Orientation Pl, Nambour, Queensland, 4560

WeSend Coffee is the supplier of coffee beans in Queensland. Book freshly roasted coffee beans online or order flavoured coffee beans and get your coffee delivered monthly.

146 Thistlethwaite Street, South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Matcha may sound fancy and mysterious but it’s actually really simple and you’re probably more familiar with it than you think – it is 100% pure green tea leaves ground into a fine powder. We all know the potential health benefits of green tea and since matcha is a concentrated form of green tea (allowing you to drink the whole leaf instead of throwing it out with the tea bag), it packs a concentrated punch of all the health benefits in terms of vitamins and minerals, metabolism, energy, mental focus, and great taste. It can contain up to 137 x the antioxidants of regular green tea! It also make a great alternative to coffee given it has a lower level of caffeine and a wonderful little amino acid called L-theanine that ensures a slow release to the bloodstream and helps prevent the “jitters”.

Traditionally, matcha is consumed in Japan as a ceremonial tea and has been around for centuries. Zen Buddhist monks have been reaping the benefits since long before tea-toxes were a thing. You may not have heard of matcha because it’s only recently that it has made its move from the tea category to the health food category (we’re not sure why it took so long but we hope we’ve helped push it out into the world). Matcha Maiden’s mission has been to spread the magic of this gorgeous green powder as far and wide as possible introducing it to the world as not just a plain old tea but a versatile, nutritious and delicious superfood!

11 Campbell St, Singleton, New South Wales, 2330, Australia

Situated in Australia, Fourbody specialises in the most recognizable and trusted brands within the health food industry at discount prices. Our retailing expertise ranges from health supplements (vitamins, minerals, herbs etc), organic foods, natural products for personal care, fitness supplements, aromatherapy oils & natural cosmetics. FourBody operates from Brisbane Queensland, serving satisfied customers across Australia and the world.

Kiama, NSW, Australia

We trade exclusively in organic & alternative grains.
We assist companies in Australia with organic / alternative grain & organic stockfeed supply.
Growers & their agents use this site to register existing surplus and upcoming crops. Ancient and alternative grains are our specialty.
People come to us to buy or sell any grain or feed that is not traded on the major grain commodities storage and handling system.

PO Box 3203,Caroline Springs,Vic,3023

Ayur Organic is a trusted name for all your requirements of organic products in Australia. Ayur Organic offers high quality natural health products, ayurvedic herbs and spices and also offers massage oils, vata oil and organic tea in Australia.

We are prover of both retail wholesale herbs in Australia. We offer organic, natural health products with quality assurance and in best possible delivery time to you. Our online store for herbs and spices has everything ranging from ayurvedic herbs, indian herbs and spices, tongue scraper, organic rose water to massage oils and vata oil.

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All your favourite organic herbs and natural health products at one place!

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Ayur Organic is your one stop store for all your herbs and organic health products requirements. Our vast range of herbal and natural health products are best in the category. If you are looking to buy herbal tea online in Australia, Ayur Organic is just one click away! From our online natural health products store you can also buy organic tea and ayurveda vata pitta or kapha vata pitta online.

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We welcome you to our premium, organic ayurvedic herbs and natural health products store and assure you of best quality products in a timely manner!

An online supermarket providing health foods, superfoods, healthy recipes, all organic, all natural.  Designed to enrich overall health, mental health, fitness, and help with weight loss, body building and general wellbeing. As seen on Today Tonight, weight loss transformation is achieved by healthy living, healthy eating and exercise. We provide you with foods high in antioxidants, protein, packed with vitamins and tasting great. Goji berries, acai, chia, spirulina, supplements and many more. Forget the grocery run or coles online and shop with the No.1 Natural and Organic food supermarket.

Foods to help detoxify and cleanse the body, promoting healthy cell growth, skincare, tissue, blood and complete care and nourishment for your body, mind and soul. Health food products that are gluten free, certified organic, fair trade qualified, chemical free and perfect for promoting healthy cell growth, skincare, tissue, blood and complete care and nourishment for your body, mind and soul. No matter whether you are into sports, are a strict vegetarian or vegan or simply want to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. Our natural and organic food products can provide you with optimum performance and complete wellbeing. Health food products jam-packed with goodness exploding with taste that you and your family will enjoy.   Huge product range including; coconut water, coffee, fruit and vegetable juices, goji products, herbal teas, milk products, weight control, cereals, dried fruit, fruit snack, grains nuts and seeds, herbs and spices, honey, jams, muesli, pasta, powders, super foods, vinegars, yoghurt, biscuits, chips, chocolates, antioxidants, bone health, brain function, calming, childrens health, cold and flu, digestion and gut health, eye health, fluid retention, green foods, herbal creams, herbal extracts, immune system, iron supplements, joints and arthritis, liver support, mens health, multi vitamins and energy, nutritional oils, urinary support, womans health, protein bars, protein drinks, protein powders, supplements, bath and body, body scrub, deodorant, ear candles, essential oils, eye and lip pencils, facial cleansers, facial moisturisers, feet care, hair care, makeup powders, massage oils, sanitary products, tanning products, skin care, soap, sunscreen, toothpaste and oral hygiene, baby health, baby accessories, baby food, baby hygiene, baby skin care, pet care, pet food, pet supplements, and much more 100% natural and organic.   Best of breed natural and organic brands such as; Morlife, A’kin, Dr Organic, Synergie, Hope, Ecologic, Amazonia, Ecostore, Yogi Tea, Protein Supplies , and many other  proven brands that get results.   Achieving and maintaining a position of optimum health and wellbeing is our passion. That is why we are big on health, providing health food recipes, healthy tips, healthy advice and an all-natural product range. Living the healthy lifestyle you have desired is possible.


IMG_1190Wouldn’t it be nice if there were foods with no calories that we could eat without guilt or calorie counting? There is and it has been around for over 2000 years in Asia… Japanese women have been consuming this product to control their weight. So what is this food with no calories? It’s called ZERO Slim & Healthy Secrets noodle. Our ZERO noodles are probably the only true negative calorie food because they satisfy hunger without increasing calorie consumption. When substituted for regular noodles they decrease calorie intake by at least 220 calories.So what are ZERO Slim & Healthy Noodles and Rice products? ZERO noodles/rice are made from 97% water and 3% soluble fiber. They contain no fat, sugar, or starch. They have no USABLE carbohydrates or calories Are wheat & gluten free and kosher. Absorb the flavours of any soup, dish, or sauce. Don’t need to be cooked, just rinse and add to your favourite noodle recipe.Provide health benefits, backed by medical researches,  for people who suffer Type II Diabetes, Constipation, Obesity, and Cholesterol issues You’re probably wondering how these products can be calorie free. Fibre is classed as a carbohydrate and carbohydrates contain 4 calories per gram. However, the human body is incapable of digesting fibre and converting it to energy. This means that effectively fibre has zero USABLE calories. The rest is water and water has no calories. In addition, because they are made from soluble fibre they support colon and digestive system health which also assists with weight loss. The noodles/rice have no flavour but absorb the flavours of accompanying foods nicely. And the best thing is you don’t need much to fill out a meal and satisfy your hunger. You don’t need to cook them either, just rinse well and add to your favourite recipe. They can be heated separately or added to hot ingredients to warm up that way. The main thing to remember is that the longer they are combined with the other ingredients the more they absorb the flavour of those ingredients. Each bag of ZERO noodles and rice contains two servings but if you have a big appetite you could eat a whole packet (with your meat & vege). Because they’re calorie free there’s no harm having more than one serve, unlike regular noodles/pasta which are high in carbohydrates and calories. Have a look at this: 2 cups cooked spaghetti – 440 calories 2 cups cooked rice noodles – 394 calories 2 cups cooked egg noodles – 445 calories 2 cups of ZERO noodles – 0 calories Just imagine, eating foods with no calories so you don’t have to feel guilty. It’s nice not having to think about the impact on my calorie consumption. ZERO noodles have helped some of my friends lose 10 kg (22 lb) so they are ideal for weight loss diets because they satisfy hunger without increasing calories. ZERO Slim & Healthy Noodles & Rice can be ordered from our website for as little as $2.50 a packet DELIVERED!  

Me and the Mrs sell a large and constantly changing variety of awesome heirloom seeds, plants and a whole heap of other stuff too! Stuff you just won’t see in the local supermarkets.

Everything from basic herbal remedies to weird and wonderful fruits and veggies from around the world, and absolutely everything we can get our hands on in-between!

We live here in beautiful Queensland, Australia and we are happy ship to all states of Australia and every other country in the world for that matter! Everything is done the old fashioned way, by hand, by me and the Mrs, without the use of chemicals, machinery or and of that other newfangled modern nonsense.

The name is “Fair Dinkum Seeds”, and that pretty much sums it up I reckon?

We don’t have any hidden postage charges so there is no surprises at the checkout, and everything sent within Australia is FREE STANDARD POSTAGE.

International postage is an extra $4.50 flat rate on all orders to cover the extra cost and hassle involved.

We use 100% recycled and recyclable bubble wrap, and the packing tape is UV unstable, so it biodegrades completely within 12months in the sun. That is also very important to us.

Have a look good look around as there is bound to be something right up your alley!

  Lots of cool plants and stuff that is just not available anywhere on ebay, and its all a lot cheaper on the website too…..

See what we have been up to lately.


fairdinkumseeds@rocketmail.com is the best way to contact us.


Organic Coffee | Fairtrade Coffee | JOY BEANS Coffee We are a passionate group of people dedicated to amazing coffee. We are exclusively Fair Trade and Organic, and believe that this dedication will translate to the best cup of coffee. Joy Beans grew from a love of travel through remote villages where families brew coffee grown on their own farms; through towns where the local cafes serve their neighbors beans. Every town, city, and country lends itself to an entirely different flavor. We are more than just coffee we exist to share an experience of the people, warmth, and culture of each country we source coffee beans from. That’s the power of Single Origin Coffee the flavors, spirit and essence of a country: unblended, unspoiled. We are proud to partner with Fairtrade Australia and Australian Certified Organic ensuring every bean we use is produced and traded responsibly. So drink your Joy Beans with pride, knowing the people who grow and pick the beans are happy, too.

Fair Coffee Timor! – Delicious 100% Organic Arabica Coffee from Timor Leste – direct trade, socially responsible. Our coffee tells more than a story, Coffee is roasted freshly in Sydney Australia and sold as whole beans or ground, we pay premium prices directly to a small cooperative of coffee farmers and return 10% of our sales revenue back to directly fund a sustainable agriculture project.


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