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The Claridge kids are almost as old as the directory

Welcome to the Organic Food Directory for Australia. This directory was started almost 10 years ago by a family passionate about the environment.

We are driven by a sincere desire to support people to make choices that leave a minimal ecological footprint.

One of our goals at Footprint Choices is to support the organic food industry in Australia. We are strong supporters of bioregionalism and the slow movement. We aim to bring local organic produce and food into the homes and mouths of local people, and to increase the connection between people and the food they eat. We also aim to increase community support for local sustainable organic farmers and businesses.


Tristan Claridge

The Organic Food Directory is far more than a directory of organic outlets. Not only do we provide the most comprehensive directory of organic outlets in Australia, we also provide an extensive resource on organic food with over 120 pages of information.

We at Footprint Choices share a common ethos and bring together a wide range of qualifications, skills and experiences.

Our members include:
CL Claridge
Leon Blanchard-Claridge
Tristan Claridge
Meg Claridge


Meg Claridge

Meg Claridge Manages the site and can be contacted about the Organic food Directory on our Contact Us page.

We are currently enjoying New Zealand and are not contactable via phone but can be reached quickly via our contact form.

Paypal payments are made to our web business paypal account Decompression Pty Ltd.