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Purchasing locally grown organic food heads the list of things to do to support bioregionalism because food plays such a large part in our life and is one of the basic necessities. To buy locally grown organic fruit and vegetables means to buy food that is living in the same bioregion as we are. This is the food that is right for our bodies – we are in the same climatic and microclimatic area and, as part of the same small ecosystem, that food is ‘right’ for our bodies. It is unhealthy for us to eat food that comes from a completely different climate and season. Mangoes in winter and apples in summer are usually out of the natural rhythm of our bodies. Our food needs to be in tune with the seasonal clocks within all of us.

Food that is grown in our bioregion is transported only 100-200 kilometres at most, instead of the current average of 2,300 kilometres. The longer distance food travels the more nutrient loss there is. This means the local food is fresher and the environmental costs involved in transportation are reduced. It also means that all members of the community have adequate affordable, nutritious diet.

When we buy food locally we feel a greater connection to our food – this enhances the whole experience of food preparation and eating which is an integral part of the slow food movement. It helps children to connect to food and have an understanding of where it comes from.

Another reason to support local organic farmers is the economic benefit to the farmers and the flow-on effects to the wider community. Food and agriculture related businesses will thrive, resulting in stronger community economies through job creation, and recirculating financial capital in the community. Businesses include food processing, or value-adding processing – to increase the opportunities for locally produced food to be consumed locally.

If we support organic farming in our bioregion there will be fewer farm chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilisers in our environment.

When we support local organic growers, we help spread the ethos of sustainable living and other ‘Green’ businesses flourish.

Supporting locally-based companies encourages the formation of co-operatives, collectives and other forms of worker and consumer ownership of companies. These kinds of local economy systems encourage accountability between producer and consumer.