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Gluten Free bread has become the core part of our business over the years and we have seen our range develop to include many types of bread, pizza bases and buns. It is a such a great business to have, seeing so many people benefit from our products everyday. Every day at Venerdi, we are furthering our desire to provide the best nutritional health to as many people as possible. We are proud to have a 100% gluten free factory and passionate about baking bread with organic ingredients.

At Wholesome Grocer our goal is to share our passion for wholesome, natural, organic food and to cater to people who are looking for fresh organic  produce that simply isn’t available in mainstream supermarkets.  We believe looking after your body is very important, so to do this you must look at what you put into it. We have sourced the finest food and household items from a range of suppliers and we have a passionate team of people, so together we are confident to deliver the best online food shopping experience available.  

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