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At Wholesome Grocer our goal is to share our passion for wholesome, natural, organic food and to cater to people who are looking for fresh organic  produce that simply isn’t available in mainstream supermarkets.  We believe looking after your body is very important, so to do this you must look at what you put into it. We have sourced the finest food and household items from a range of suppliers and we have a passionate team of people, so together we are confident to deliver the best online food shopping experience available.  


THIS FISH Organic Salmon is focused on providing clean, organic fish that is great for you, delicious and friendly to the environment.  We believe in seafood as it naturally exists – free of chemicals, hormones and antibiotics – fed on an organic certified diet of food in its natural environment. In order to achieve this we farm our seafood in remote clean waters, free of chemical runoff, in carefully controlled natural environments. We allow our produce to swim freely with plenty of space (3 times more space than industry standards), in fast flowing waters to allow them to become strong and healthy.The sustainability and responsible production of supreme quality seafood is at the core of THIS FISH. We adhere to strict quality control procedures to ensure the protection of both the product and the environment.THIS FISH is not only delicious, sustainable and organic, but it has the accreditations to back it up. THIS FISH and its products are the Australian and International Organic Certifier with high standards and respected integrity within the Agricultural industry. We are also certified by a myriad of other discerning organisations, namely RSPCA freedom foods, Naturland, Friends of the Sea and the Soil Association. This means you can enjoy THIS FISH with a clear conscience.All of these qualities would mean nothing without freshness. THIS FISH is frozen at the source to ensure it comes to you at the peak of its quality, for you to enjoy all of the organic and health benefits. 

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