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Cacao Green is the sister brand of Red Mango. Pioneering the growth of organic and all-natural frozen yogurt since 2002, Red Mango International has opened stores throughout USA, South Korea, Indonesia, China, South Africa and Middle East. In December 2010, Cacao Green opened its first doors in Melbourne. Using locally sourced and organic ingredients, we pride ourselves on providing the healthiest and guilt-free frozen yogurt.

Cacao Green’s all natural frozen yogurt is made with purely organic milk and it is rich with good probiotics to help with human digestion system. Besides frozen yogurt, Cacao Green also offers a variety of desserts. From waffles to hot chocolate, all made with the award-winning and organic AMMA Chocolate. We also offer a range of coffee beverage made from the organic and fair-trade Mr Espresso’s Oakwood-roasted beans.

Cacao Green is more than just the place to go for decadent desserts, it is also the place where you can indulge yourself with guilt-free treats. Treat yourself well at Cacao Green. For the organic, all-natural and healthiest treats, Cacao Green is the place to be!