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“Nature itself is the best physician” – Hippocrates. The 2011 Australian company believes that nature has provided everyone with healthy food and natural beauty and it needs to be appreciated. The best way of appreciating and loving nature is by spreading the magic.

Founder, Jenni Madison made it her mission to educate others on the healing properties of coconut oil and coconut products, after experiencing the magical aid of coconut during her persisting digestive issues. The journey commenced in Thailand, in 2009.

Coconut Magic, Maleny QLD based company, offers premium quality products and exceptional customer service. All the products carry the vibrant energy and healing power of Mother Nature for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Today, Coconut Magic’s coconut oil is light, creamy and beautiful. It does not have a strong taste or aroma and is made with quality raw materials. The unique extraction process makes its the purest coconut oil of therapeutic grade. Explore the collection: https://coconutmagic.com/

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