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250 Schumakers Lane, Maiden Gully, VIC 3551
250 Schumakers Lane Maiden Gully Victoria 3551 AU

Mekhala Living is a Singapore/Thai company and a certified USDA NOP organic producer of Asian sauces and pastes, including Thai curries, Vietnamese pastes, and Asian dressings.

All our products are:
– vegan
– gluten-free
– easy to use
– contain only coconut sugar and himalayan pink salt (no refined sugar/salt/)
– no preservatives or additives

Organic accreditation

At Mekhala, we want to give you healthy, tasty and easy to prepare Asian food. Every Mekhala product is created in accordance with the principles of mindfulness and healthfulness. No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives are used.

All our Asian-inspired condiments, dressings and pastes are made with all-natural ingredients, are free from gluten, dairy and other animal content, and are prepared, made, bottled and labelled by hand in small batches.