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Many parents who feed their children organic food, do so because they believe there are more nutrients in it and fewer toxic chemicals. Research studies back up this belief, and claim that organic foods may be of paramount importance in safeguarding the health of our children. A vegetarian diet is a healthy choice for children.

Children can get all they need to grow and thrive while honouring their inherent concern for animals and other life-forms. Young children seem to know that it is wrong to kill animals and eat them. As they grow we can support their conscience, and ensure their diet is healthy.

Simply by eating the daily recommended intake of fruits and vegetables that are grown organically, pesticide exposure is significantly reduced. This is particularly crucial for infants, children and expectant mothers who can be most affected by pesticide exposure. Children under 6 years of age are at higher risk because of their body composition. Until age 6, their body is made up of more water and less fat than adults. This means they are less able to ‘trap’ and store chemical toxins in fatty tissue. Water soluble toxic chemicals (pesticides) are more able to circulate through young children’s bodies as well.

Children of any age, have a higher intake of food and water per unit of body weight than adults and their immature organ systems (especially kidneys) may have limited ability to detoxify these substances. In their first year of life, a baby’s brain grows as much as it will in the rest of their life – it is vital in this time that they have the best food. Overall, children have a better chance of optimal health when they eat organic food.