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Organic wines are made from organic grapes that are processed using methods that keep chemical intervention to a minimum. Sulphites are needed to protect growing grapes from fungal attack, to preserve and stabilise wine in the bottle, and are used in both conventional and organic wine production alike. The difference is that organic producers keep the use of sulphites to a minimum, with levels approaching a third of those used in conventional wine production.

Organic wine making requires attention to detail at every step in the wine making process, not just in the growing of the grapes. Sulphur dioxide is added to the wines as a preservative (although at a lower level than conventional red wine), to ensure the wine will not only maintain quality but red wine will improve with age.

Reduced levels of sulphur dioxide results in fewer allergic reactions, and fewer headaches, as well as better taste. Many wineries also make organic preservative free red wine for those people who can tolerate no sulphur.

Several distillers in Australia make organic spirits including gin, rum, and vodka.