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When we think of organic food we don’t tend to think of herbs and spices, yet these are often irradiated and produced with the use of artificial chemicals and processed using more artificial chemicals to clean, extract, bind, preserve, etc. This makes them toxic and even though we tend to use only small amounts of them in our cooking they deliver a toxic load into our bodies.

Organic herbs and spices are available. They are often difficult to find and the range is not as extensive as the conventionally grown ones, but we need to search them out. Better still, we can grow our own range of culinary herbs and spices. Even if we live in a unit we can have a few pots on the window sill or on the balcony, growing our favourite herbs and spices. Fresh and organic they contribute wonderful flavours to our food.

Salt is another ingredient we add to our food without checking to see if it is organic. Organic sea salt has many benefits that table salt doesn’t.