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The term ‘Muscovado’ is from the Spanish mascabado meaning unrefined. In South Asia it is also known as gur, jaggery and khandsari. In Latin America it is known as Rapadura, pamela, or piloncillo. In Colombia it is called chancaca.

Muscovado is the whole, unrefined evaporated sugar cane juice and is processed naturally free from any harmful chemicals such as phosphoric acid, formic acid, sulphur dioxide, preservatives, or any flocculants, surfactants, bleaching agents or viscosity modifiers. It is nutritionally rich and retains all natural mineral and vitamin content present inherent in sugar cane juice.

Organic Muscovado is available in Australia, but it may take some searching to find. Look for it by all its names. Sucanat (SUgar CAne NATural) is a brand name for one organically grown Muscovado. Fresh Whole Foods in NSW import Rapadura.